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SunRose Farm..A place to lighten one's heart
SunRose Farm is a restful retreat amidst sprawling meadows of meditative gardens containing crystals and statues. It is a beautiful, mystical setting. At SunRose Farm you will enjoy a journey through nature. SunRose Farm is a place to walk among nature and to relax and enjoy the land. Events at SunRose Farm include:
  • Healing circles and Spiritual gatherings. Visit our Workshops page to learn more.

  • Spiritual Retreats including healing walks through the Elementals of Nature using Sacred Geometry.

  • Group Visits during the summer months.

A gathering at SunRose farm, whether it be for a workshop, healing service or elementals vibrational session, is lighthearted and fun.

We invite you to spend a wonderful relaxing time at our beautiful secluded farm.

If you would like to be placed on our mailing list for events, schedule a session or if you would like to conduct classes at the farm please contact us.

What's in Name?

Sunrose Farm is a name that is very symbolic to Sybil Rose and Stephen. In discussing flowers one day Sybil Rose asked Stephen what was his favorite flower. He thought for a moment and decided the Sunflower is his very favorite. The Sunflower’s energy carries a radiant quality of light to the human soul. For Sybil it is the Rose. Rose is her middle name and the name of her grandmother. The Rose’s energy is love. This is accomplished through a gentle stimulation of the Heart Chakra.

Their wedding invitation used the Elementals Symbol Harmony as the stems holding the sunflower and rose. This graphic became the inspiration for the name of the farm and logo.

Over the last few years Sybil Rose and Stephen have been manifesting their dream of making the farm a place where people can come and lighten their hearts, find a moment of peace and experience their inner knowing.

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Sybil Rose and Stephen Pierce offer creations and services inspired by the spirituality of nature. Learn more about symbols and energy work.



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